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Daughter needs help! Please help me pay my phone bill~!

Proudmommieof2 started this conversation

Can someone anyone.. please help me!

I have a 7 yr old daughter who has mental problems and behavioral problems and can't attend public school. She's being home schooled online now but the problem is my phone is due for shut off Sept 29th

I need 217.97 to keep it on. If I could get half of that paid 109.00 paid on it right now I can find a way to pay the remaining balance myself. I need atleast half to work with them to keep my internet for my daughter.

Please someone help me.. I have tried everything. I don't have family. I don't know where to turn to. And I got no help here! Please I just need the 109.00 paid! You can pay this amount yourself if there is any problem. I don't care I seriously need this paid. or even if I could get the 217.97 paid it would be a blessing. Please she needs to stay in school or they will call DCF on me.
She has to be in school and I can't get the money up. I've tried everything
I need either 217.97 paid in full or 109.00 paid on it please contact me for the into!

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Also try it is worth the try i tried it as well all we do now is wait and see,just tell them what you need
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 in response to Proudmommieof2...   I just came to this site today,and i have read your post i wish i could help you but i am seeking help myself.That is why i hoping to get women like yourself to help out with 1 dollor a week, so Strong Women Standing can get off the ground.Due to my funds are limited i am only able to do one thing at a time, I got the ENI number for the group,i set up an blog and FB i need the 501(c)3,When i first had the idea,i had you and others in mind that if we only would donate 5 dollors. each month or week we would be able to help one another,but only a few donated.and when noone else would i gave them refunds.i to didn't won't them to think it was all about the money.i have a pay pay account set up because i want it to be legal and for tax purposes.If you anyone like to get on board let me know at My mission and goal is to be a place where women in need can go for dont have to keep begging people,the right people will come your way, and who knows if we can work together we will look back one day and say i am a Strong Woman still Standing, any ideas i welcome dear i hope that a fire is lite in your heart to come my way and that way we can work together. my heart goes out to women for some reason. I know why? i have been in your shoes as well when my kids were young Proudmommieof2. I pray God  provide so we can tell our stories one day if we can just get other women to come on.Each woman will donate including myself a dollor a week build our funds we can change each others lives,we will never have to beg noone.God Bless dont you give up you here much love.I know God sent me to this page..Things happen for a reason dear.Just know i to was treated the same way you have been treated on this page. stand back and let God send us good women who want to make a change in their on lives as well as others, i am not up at 4:30 in the morning for no reason.Love you Strong Woman Standing sister we as women need to help each other,in the old days women stood together we need to get back to that. Let's do this ladies....We can change things in eachother's lives........Can you image a million women donating,a dollor a month,Yes Lord we wouldnt need the goverment now would we ladies,we would be a great Organization build on helping Women and others help themselves......come on Million plus ladies we throw dollor away each day.........Bring them in Lord Bring them in so we as Strong Women Standing Can change the World

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 in response to mousej...   i really don't think she is willing to go to work ringing bells....she seems like she is not happy with the simple things....she has an awful lot to learn.....
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I don't have money to give, however, I do know where you can probably earn it fairly quickly. The Salvation Army almost always has a need for Bell Ringers right up until Christmas Eve and they do pay by the hour. Good Luck!
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